Doctor Entertainment


Doctor Entertainment is currently hibernating and was active between 2009 and 2017. Doctor Entertainment is a bootstrapped business founded by Jesper Rudberg and Anders Pistol, located in Uppsala, Sweden.


Our games Gear Up and Puzzle Dimension are self-published. Unpixelate which is an IOS port of Puzzle Dimension was published by the japanese company DeNA. All games were created by small teams between 5 and 10 persons with our in-house game engine.

Gear Up Released on Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux. Puzzle Dimension Released on PS3/Windows/Mac/IOS.


All games use the in-house game engine Traktor which is open source and available on github.


Doctor Entertainment were contracted on several AAA games, worked for clients on life science and synthesizer display systems and helped venture capital with technical due-diligence. In total over 7000 hours were spent on consulting in parallel with internal game developments.

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