Gear Up featured in Major Game Press


Last week we launched the beta version of Gear Up along with a completely new trailer. We are excited that so many of you liked the trailer and it has been great seeing many game news sites, YouTubers and magazines trying out the game! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, click here to have a look!

Here’s just a few examples of the recent coverage Gear Up has received:

“Get Down For Gear Up”, Rock, Paper, Shotgun:


Trailer feature on Kotaku:


”Gear Up hits beta: put guns on goo or make invisible spider tanks”,


Trailer feature on Gametrailers:


Trailer feature on Gamespot videos:


While the game is not finished and there are of course still bugs to root out, we feel that this is a step in the right direction! Our five-people team continues to make adjustment, fix bugs and always appreciate feedback from you!

Doctor Entertainment featured in local news magazine

Doctor Entertainment is featured today in local Swedish magazine “Upsala Nya Tidning”.

Uppsala is home to many technically advanced companies acting as suppliers of software and we are highlighted as one of them. Our “Traktor” game engine is custom built in-house specifically for game development and essentially acts as the skeleton and backbone of games. Traktor continues to be an advantage in the development of our games and we look forward to maximizing its effectiveness in both Gear Up and future games.

Read the full news story (in Swedish).

Find out more about our Traktor engine and its technical advantages.

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Steam Greenlight

Time flies and we are already more than halfway through 2012. For the past six months we have been working hard to turn the tech prototype Anders made during the winter into a game. And now we need testers. It is pretty hard to test a 32 player multiplayer game with only four persons in the office.

Head over to the sign-up form, fill it in and we will very soon send you a Steam key. When you have played the game go to the forums and tell us about your experiences from testing the game.

Today Steam releases Steam Greenlight which is a way for gamers rate up which games they would like to see on steam. We really need to make a reality check to make sure we spend our time on a game someone else also would like to play, so we decided to put Gear Up on Steam Greenlight. If you like Gear Up you can show your support here.

2011 – The Syndicate Year

Not very much happened at Doctor Entertainment in 2011. We spent the whole year helping our friends at Starbreeze to deliver Syndicate. It was fun but also very tough crunching with many late nights and weekends and almost no time for our own stuff. However we have now recovered and we are back on track with Doctor Entertainment. Expect news about our upcoming multiplayer open world vehicle shooter ”Gear Up” soon.